Business by the Book Class:  Food Pantry Start Up, Enhancement, Improvement

The recession is here.

Rent, gas, groceries are high.  Wages are still low.

People are knocking on your church's door asking for food.  The people in your congregation, organization, or group are asking for help.  

Your church, mosque, girl's group, men's group, senior's group, or children's organization needs help... to help the people you serve.  

Some of the best decisions for your business, nonprofit, or church are born out of recession, volatile markets, and massive shortages, and unpredictability.  The times we are living in RIGHT NOW!

You must do something different to get different and better results.  Leaders must rewire your thinking and act differently to receive different growth outcomes in these changing times.  

Things won't get better any time soon.  Act now, to learn how to be an asset to your group, church, congregation and your community.  

Your community has a problem and you can help solve it.  Show your church or organization in a good light.  

Be a community leader.  Be a community hero. 


Start, Enhance, or Improve your FREE Food Giveaway Program to start, operate, manage, and get food to give FREE to those in need.  

Call (678) 907-0200 Mon-Fri, 9 am to 5 pm for more information on in-person classes and virtual classes via Zoom.  To register, email your info to: rainmakersbng2@gmail.com.  As of 1/2023, all classes are available virtually or in-person.    

Business by the Book Popular Classes:  
101:  Benefits of Your Church or Organization Starting a 
         Community FREE Food Program 
102:  How to Start a FREE Food Giveaway Program.  Grow Your
         Church, Ministry, Nonprofit, Organization
103:  Food Giveaway Program Management Enhancement, 
         Improvement Class 

101:  Nonprofit, 501c3 Demystification 
102:  How to Start a Nonprofit Organization / 501c3
103:  Grant Research for Your Nonprofit, Church, or Organization
104:  Grant Writing (Applying) for Your Nonprofit Organization

101:  What Does it Take to Start a Church
102:  Start Your Church, the Right Way!

101:  Turn Your Talent or Hobby into Your Business
102:  Steps to Starting Your Business, the Right Way!


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