Grant Support

Help to Apply for Grants 

Small business grants and award money are available for you and your business, church, or nonprofit. But, the applications are difficult to understand.  If you answer the questions on the application incorrectly, you may not receive funding from the grant. 

Our grant writing ( application ) service is different from any other grant writing service out there.  Not only do we help you apply for any grant you are interested in, but we help you implement programs into your business, nonprofit, or church that will raise your likelyhood to qualify for and win the grant.  

Leave the grant writing, terminology and definitions to us.  We help you focus on what gets you qualified with various grant and award programs offered by the government, foundations, corporations, and private grantors. 

Allow us to become a part of your team and save thousands of dollars in hiring expensive consultants, administrative assistants, managers, or bookkeepers!

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