Church Start Up

Start a church, manage your church, increase your ministry!

Whether you are just starting a church or if you have been in ministry for many years, the IRS, federal government, and state municipalities have made it tougher to operate your ministry.  Staying in compliance is more important now, than ever before. 

Are you hearing stories about pastors being fined, and ministries being shut down?  Are you worried about YOUR ministry? 

Would you like to strengthen your ministry by becoming a 501c3?  Have you tried to fill out the multiple, and difficult pages of the application?  Did you know that a thorough application can be upwards of 100 pages?

Call us and we'll come to you and perform a "64 Point Ministry Check Up", to help ensure that you are operating within compliance with your county, city and state, and the federal government.  Start a Church Atlanta Start a Church in Atlanta Grow

We offer "hands on" service, and we come to you.  We do the work for you.  We become a part of your team to assist you in everything from start up, human resources, marketing, ministry growth, membership retention and more.  You don't have to figure it out on your own.  Allow us to help you, and save yourself costly, time consuming mistakes. 

You can rest assured, when you allow us to help you.  If we do find an issue during the check up, we can help you implement changes, or a system, to remedy the problem.  We don't just tell you what is wrong, but we work with you to fix it!  

Give us a call for your "64 Point Ministry Check Up" consultation, today! 
(678) 907-0200. 

Here are Just of a Few of the Services We Offer to Churches and New Ministries:

Ministry Start Up
Church Constitution & Bylaws Set Up
Start Up Paperwork, 501c3 status, Tax ID
Church Charter
Church Acquisition, Purchase, Lease, or Sale
Church Business Management
Set Up of Housing Allowance Program
Management of Housing Allowance Program
Set Up of Medical Expense Program
Management of Medical Expense Program
Church Pay Compliance for Pastors, Ministers, Staff, & Musicians
Career Center Implementation & Development
Pastor / Minister / Bishop, etc. Compensation Compliance
Set Up of Pastor / Minister / Bishop, etc. Retirement Program
Church Safety and Compliance
Church Volunteer Screening Programs
Church Human Resource Implementation & Development
New Member Programs
New Member Classes (Customized to Your Doctrine)
Ordination Programs & Classes
Daycare Start Up & Compliance
Ecclesiastical Entrepreneurism

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