Human Resources

Human Resource Manual and Compliance Help for your Business, Church or Ministry

Growing businesses will need to hire and manage employees upholding standards set forth by county, state and federal regulations. Churches and nonprofits must comply also. 

Before you hire your first employee, allow us to help you with applications, pre-screenings, human resource regulations, and compliance issues, before there is a problem. 

Already have employees?  Are you afraid to fire an employee for fear of retaliation?  What rules and regulations do you have in your business or church that will help to protect you from frivolous lawsuits from disgruntled employees? 

If you have employees or independent contractors working for you in your business or church, you need to ensure that you have rules and regulations in place to allow you the freedom to manage your staff effectively.

Call (678) 907-0200 to allow us to help you through our human resource services for small to medium sized businesses, and churches.  
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