501c3 Status

Help to get 501c3 status for your business, charity, ministry, or church!

Are you starting a church, charity, or not- for- profit business?  You'll need 501c3 status to receive all of the benefits of that business entity designation. 

The application process is daunting and time consuming.  Submitting incorrect information on the application could mean that you loose your filing fees. 

Allow us to get 501c3 designation for your charity, business, or church.  We have 100% approval of applications filed with our clients. 

Allow us to help you and protect your charity or church, and your members donations by getting 501c3 status. 

Our clients have been approved from start to finish in as little as 3 months!  That is record time! 

Call us at (678) 907-0200 to get started in your nonprofit business, today!
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